Registration for Northwest Arkansas Pride

Organization Types:

Non-Profit Organizations are only classified as 501(c) or 501(e) organizations, and municipal, county, state, and federal government units. Any advertisement for a for-profit enterprise, regardless of licensure, is prohibited under this type. (Parade: Free | Festival: $50.00)

Educational Affiliates include public or private schools, higher education units, or associated student groups. (Parade: Free | Festival: $50.00)

Community Groups are all the amazing informal groups of people who change our community for the better. (Parade: Free | Festival: $50.00)

Political/Legislative Group or Candidates are PACs, Ballot Question Committees, Lobbying Groups, and Candidates for political office or re-election. Current elected officials that are not campaigning for re-election during NWA Pride should register as a Non-Profit. This is to comply with IRS endorsement regulations. (Parade: $75.00 | Festival: $75.00)

For-Profit groups include all public and private share businesses that primarily provide goods and services for the purpose of generating revenue to the benefit of their investors- i.e. retailers, service and repair businesses, bars, restaurants, and similar entities. (Parade: $125.00 | Festival: $125.00 | $200.00 Festival Food & Beverage)

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